The Chinese mining magnate who paid workers with a bag full of cash

Wednesday, 15 November 2017, 07:45:26 AM. Former workers shed light on the business practices of Sally Zou — the owner of AusGold Mining Group and one of the Liberal Party's biggest donors.
Video: Who is Sally Zou? Mystery miner and big-time political donor (ABC News) You may not have heard of Sally Zou, but the Chinese businesswoman is doing her best to change that. She is a key sponsor of the Port Power AFL club, owner and director of mining company the AusGold Mining Group, and promotes her interests through social media and eccentric full-page newspaper ads. And now her former employees are shedding light on the mysterious Liberal Party donor and her business practices, including paying them with a bag full of cash. Jenni Brown told 7.30 her former employer was "a big mystery". "She appears to want to make friends with people in high places," she said. "We really need to know, who is Sally Zou? What is her background?" Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young said there were a number of questions around Ms Zou. "The question around this woman is who is she? Where does her money come from? And what does she want? "Why is she donating $700,000-plus to the Liberal Party?" She established the Julie Bishop Glorious Foundation Video: Julie Bishop denies any knowledge of the Julie Bishop Glorious Foundation (ABC News) Earlier this year, Ms Zou found herself at the heart of a raucous debate in Federal Parliament about foreign donations. She had established a company called the Julie Bishop Glorious Foundation, apparently in homage to Australia's Foreign Minister. Senator Hanson-Young said the public had a right to know about Ms Bishop's relationship with Ms Zou. "I'd...Read more
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