‘True Lies’ is getting a TV reboot. Will it shoot in the Keys again?

Tuesday, 26 September 2017, 02:58:41 AM. ‘True Lies’ was a blockbuster, now it’s coming back to the small screen with the original director James Cameron on board. Many scenes were filmed in the South Florida area, including the Keys which was damaged in Hurricane Irma

Working title? “Truer Lies?”

Not sure. All we know is the 1994 blockbuster “True Lies” is getting a reboot, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

You won’t see the actioner — starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as a spy living a double life as a mild mannered family man married to Jamei Lee Curtis— on the big screen.

According to the entertainment website, 20th Century Fox TV will produce the one-hour drama, with the original writer/director/producer James Cameron on board as executive producer.

It is unclear who will star in this version or where it will be shot.

As locals may recall, in 1993, Schwarzenegger spent some time filming the feature film in the Florida Keys, even “blowing up” the Old Seven Mile Bridge in the grand finale (sorry, folks, that was movie magic, aka CGI).

MORE: Read fun facts about the explosion scene here.

Now that Hurricane Irma ravaged the area, we’ll be watching and waiting but won’t hold our breath.

We do know that Tom Arnold would be likely up for a cameo.

He told Miami.com earlier this year he had a great experience doing the film.

“Boy, we had fun,” Arnold said. “It was my first real movie and I assumed all were like that. I was wrong! But yeah, we were here a long time, in all different parts of the state. We got to blow up the old Seven Mile Bridge twice.”

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