Editorial: What Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan must do in his second term

Friday, 10 November 2017, 08:09:12 AM. Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan must bring improvements to Detroit residents who've waited too long already.
With a second term secured, it's time for Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan to make good on his promises.  There's no question that Detroit's gotten better during Duggan's first term. The streetlights are on. Police and fire response times are faster. The Detroit Department of Transportation's bus service has improved. Duggan has staffed key positions with nationally qualified appointees -- all translating to a more-smoothly-running city.  But there's more work to do.  Duggan secured a decisive victory over challenger state Sen. Coleman Young on Tuesday night.  Duggan has resisted the notion of two Detroits, a concept Young and others use to describe a city in which investment and improvement is visited on select neighborhoods, leaving most Detroiters to wonder when their turns would come.  Duggan insists that the two Detroits narrative is false, there is one Detroit, and that all Detroiters should expect -- and will get -- the same results from city government.  It seems Detroit voters agreed.  But drive around this city, and there's no question that Detroit, outside the 7.2 square miles that comprise Midtown and downtown, is a different place. Detroiters who live outside those areas of intense development -- new restaurants and apartments seem to open fortnightly, occupancy rates are high, and Wayne State University police patrols offer a level of safety not found in other neighborhoods -- don't necessarily resent the investment that's happened there. But they often wonder when...Read more
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