In a biased world, how do we tell fake news from the truth?

Thursday, 14 September 2017, 03:27:10 AM. Bias is unavoidable, and a drab world it would be, indeed, without it.
Share Opinion This article first appeared on the History News Network. Oh the cacophony! We live in a world of shrill and conflicting claims, with the authors of each declaring they hold a monopoly on the truth. What's a conscientious person to do? Keep up with this story and more by subscribing now The Republicans claim this. The Democrats claim that. The wealthy claim this. The impoverished claim that. What is to be believed? What is to be dismissed? I shall offer a few not entirely focused words on the subject. Taken together, they provide some help to me. Perhaps they may prove the same to you. I try to gather my information from a wide range of sources and compare it to what I already know. In addition, I do my own research on some matters. I also listen to various sources over a stretch of time and try to make a determination on who during that time has proved trustworthy and who has not. Who during that time has lied or proved unreliable? Who has spoken carefully, been truthful, and has not only told me what they believe, but who has gone to some pains to convey why they believe it? In following these methods, I form as few opinions as possible based on what I hear from the popular press. The popular press courts popularity. It’s what they do. We should view and listen to them guardedly. As a matter of fact, the French do a better job than Americans in protecting themselves from the popular press and in making distinctions among types of press activity. They have a...Read more
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