Montini: Rep. Andy Biggs’ toady little slur of Robert Mueller

Tuesday, 07 November 2017, 01:28:16 PM. It comes down to who has more credibility: The Trump sycophant or the life-long public servant.
EJ Montini: It comes down to who has more credibility. The Trump sycophant or the life-long public servant. Rep. Andy Biggs seems determined to prove that a person can win a $10 million sweepstakes prize and still be a loser. And he’s doing a great (if that is the right word) job. Last week, Biggs joined Trump apologist and lackey Rep. Trent Franks in trashing special counsel Robert Mueller, demanding that he resign. Mueller’s investigation could lead all the way to the White House, so toadies of the president, like Franks and Biggs, want him out.   This isn’t the first time Biggs has shown himself to be … little. As Arizona’s Senate President he fought against the restoration of KidsCare health care coverage for 20,000-plus needy children. Children. He once attended a meeting of a group called the Oath Keepers in which the founder called Sen. John McCain a traitor who should be “hung by the neck until dead.” He voted with other Republicans in Arizona’s congressional delegation against a resolution to require President Trump to release his tax returns, as all modern presidents have done voluntarily as a way of preventing potential conflicts of interest. Trump doesn’t care about such things. Neither, apparently, does Biggs. As long as it’s Trump. Biggs was also one of only two members of the House to vote against the $8 billion Hurricane Harvey relief bill. No politician has racked up such an impressive list of non-accomplishments in so short a time in Congress.   Now, Biggs...Read more
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