Breaking down the key House, U.S. Senate races looming in Pa., N.J.

Friday, 10 November 2017, 11:26:52 AM. The Philadelphia region is expected to be on the front lines of the fight for Congress next year, with several races shaping up to be among the most competitive in the country. Here is an early rundown of the area's key races, including contests in Bucks, Chester and Delaware counties and South Jersey.
After Tuesday’s gubernatorial elections, much of the political world is turning to the fight for Congress — and the Philadelphia region is already in  both parties’ battle plans. Several races in the area are shaping up as among the most competitive in the country. Here is an early rundown of the key contests and candidates in the mix for 2018, when for the first time a national electorate will weigh in on the Trump administration: New Jersey 2d Congressional District (based in Atlantic County) Republican Frank LoBiondo’s retirement Tuesday suddenly turned this district from an afterthought into one of Democrats’ best pick-up opportunities. The district, which roams across South Jersey from the Shore to the Delaware River, backed Trump last year, but also went for Barack Obama twice. Democratic state Sen. Jeff Van Drew, long rumored to covet the seat, is interested in running and already has the backing of South Jersey political power George Norcross. Two other Democrats, Tanzie Youngblood and Sean Thom, are already in the race.The Republican field is still taking shape, though Assemblyman Chris Brown has been mentioned as one potential candidate. Pennsylvania 6th (based in Chester County) This could be the toughest race in Pennsylvania, according to insiders in both parties. Despite the district’s Republican lean, Hillary Clinton narrowly won it, a sign that some moderates and Republicans there were repelled by Trump, and presenting danger for the GOP incumbent,...Read more
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