Metairie coach accused of cuddling with boys allegedly played beer pong, spiked chocolate milk

Tuesday, 14 November 2017, 11:53:26 PM. Allen Joseph was fired from his post as a part-time sports coach at Jesuit High School in the wake of allegations that he got three boys drunk and lay in

Allen Joseph was fired from his post as a part-time sports coach at Jesuit High School in the wake of allegations that he got three boys drunk and lay in bed with them after playing "beer pong" and making vodka-laced chocolate milk at his Metairie home this summer, the all-boys Catholic school said Monday.

Also on Monday, the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office released a report with the most complete account yet about the allegations against Joseph, who is accused of repeatedly drinking alcohol with one boy during overnight visits and getting mad at that youth if he did not sleep in bed with Joseph. 

The report also vividly describes how Joseph is under suspicion of wrapping an arm around the neck of one of the youths at the party while they were in bed. 

Jesuit's statement said it had no knowledge of any inappropriate behavior by Joseph while he worked for the school "or otherwise." 

Joseph received his non-faculty position after passing a criminal background check and completing training by the Archdiocese of New Orleans, and Jesuit dismissed him immediately after the first allegations against him surfaced in August, the school said.

Joseph, who was also a well-known playground coach in Jefferson Parish, was initially jailed Aug. 10 on suspicion of giving alcohol to three boys at his home on North Sibley Street a few days earlier.

He faced three counts of contributing to the delinquency of minors and was released on a $1,500 bond.

But on Thursday, the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office rebooked Joseph on an additional count of indecent behavior with a juvenile, stemming from allegations that he pressed himself against one of the three boys while they lay in his bed.

According to the new Sheriff's Office report, the agency first became aware of the situation when a Kenner woman contacted them and said she had seen videos posted on the popular social media application Snapchat showing three of her son's friends drunk at a party at Joseph's house.

The woman said she and her daughter went to Joseph's home to pick up her son's friends, one of whom was so drunk he had to be carried out, the Sheriff's Office report recounted.

Detectives later spoke with the three boys, who are not identified but who described going to Joseph's house sober and then getting drunk there.

One of them said he received messages from Joseph asking what kind of alcohol he wanted, and the boy described sending messages back to Joseph asking how a certain unspecified cocktail was made.

The boys then had follow-up interviews with a children's advocate, the Sheriff's Office said.

One of them recalled drinking chocolate milk spiked with vodka and playing games of "beer pong," the Sheriff's Office said.

He said he doesn't remember lying in bed with Joseph while the coach embraced him but was shown a Snapchat video depicting that, according to the Sheriff's Office. Another of the boys recalled Joseph and the three youths all lying in bed together at one point. 

In another interview, one of the boys described staying overnight at Allen's house multiple times and getting drunk with the coach, who would get mad if the boy didn't share a bed with him.

The boy said Allen never touched him sexually, but that there have been times he would have been too drunk to remember anything occurring, according to the Sheriff's Office.

The boy also described believing that Allen had stuck his cellphone under the bathroom door to videorecord the boy using the restroom, according to the Sheriff's Office. The boy even said he saw the video on Allen's cellphone, the Sheriff's Office report noted.

But the boy said Allen denied doing anything when the boy confronted him, the Sheriff's Office report says. The boy also doesn't remember the pass code to Joseph's phone, which appears to have been seized by investigators.

The woman who reported the case to the Sheriff's Office sent some of the Snapchat footage in question to investigators. One of the clips showed one of the boys wrestling, calling out to "Coach Allen" for help, the Sheriff's Office said.

Another showed alcohol bottles on a counter behind the boys at the party.

Yet another clip depicted one of the boys in bed with a man's hairy arm around his neck.

Joseph spoke with investigators before they arrested him the first time, admitting that he bought the alcohol for the children and let them get drunk at his house, the Sheriff's Office alleged.

Aside from his cellphone, the Sheriff's Office seized a number of computers, a hard drive and a thumb drive, the agency's report said. It did not say what contents have been found on the devices.

A judge set Allen's bail at $10,000 on Monday, four days after the second arrest. Allen had secured his release by Monday night.

On Monday, Allen's attorney, David Courcelle, pointed to the statement from the boy who denied being touched inappropriately by Allen. Courcelle said that statement did not seem to support an allegation of indecent behavior with a juvenile, which is a more serious crime than what Allen was initially jailed on.  

Allen was previously an assistant football coach at Jesuit, but the school has not said how long he worked for the program.

Allen also worked as a supervisor at Jefferson Parish's Girard playground for about a year beginning in 1992, officials have said.

After that, he was a volunteer coach and referee at different times at Girard, Cleary, Mike Miley and Delta playgrounds, and he refereed for a private basketball league that used courts at parish playgrounds, according to officials.

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