The GOP has two options with Roy Moore, and both are bad

Wednesday, 15 November 2017, 04:27:32 AM. Mitch McConnell, champion stonewaller, may need all his skills to whip expulsion votes.
The harrowing spectacle of Beverly Young Nelson sobbing as she described the ordeal of her life left little room for doubt: Roy Moore is a monster who molested young girls, in this case groping a 16-year-old waitress and pushing her head towards his crotch in a car parked next to a restaurant dumpster in the gloom of a December evening.  Only the willing suspension of disbelief can ignore what Moore's coworkers seemed to know when he was a young district attorney: He hung around shopping malls and high school football games so that he could prey on girls, including at least one as young as 14. This is the man Alabama could send to the U.S. Senate, and he cannot be removed from the ballot before the Dec. 12 election, so Republicans are scrambling to figure out what do if Moore were to defeat Democrat Doug Jones. We'll make it easy for them, now that 16 GOP Senators have withdrawn their support, led by majority leader Mitch McConnell. They should refocus the party's energy on a write-in candidate, and expel Moore if he is elected, because seating an unrepentant pedophile is no way to maintain a Senate majority. Indeed, both choices are long-shots, but this is what the party deserves for including vile characters like Roy Moore among its members. A write-in campaign is unrealistic, but there are historical successes. The problem, as Senate scholar Ross Baker of Rutgers sees it, is that the only viable candidate is Curtis Strange, who Moore pummeled by 10 points in the primary....Read more
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