Trump's big tax reform push needs Reagan-style wisdom

Sunday, 05 November 2017, 10:05:08 PM. Today's tax-cutters need to remember that when my father signed that bill to cut federal taxes ... he didn't play political games or create special deals for certain special interests. He cut taxes for everyone across the board.
By Michael Reagan What hasn't happened this week? It started on Monday with special counsel Robert Mueller's opening round of indictments, chief of which were charges of fraud and money laundering against Donald Trump's former campaign manager and shifty big-time lobbyist, Paul Manafort. The charges against Manafort, which predate his three-month stint with the Trump campaign in summer of 2016, made headlines but were no surprise to anyone, especially me. (I had been telling people for years that Manafort was dirty, but unfortunately no one doing the hiring in Trumpland took my advice.) Then on Tuesday afternoon came the horrible news of the attack by an Isis-connected terrorist who used a rented truck to murder eight people on a bike path in New York City. Mueller's indictments and the terror tragedy both overshadowed what should have been the big news of this week -- President Trump's big push for a massive tax reform bill. But on Thursday Republicans in the House unveiled the first draft of their "Tax Cuts and Job Act" -- all 429 pages of it. It's still horribly complicated, full of politically controversial features and debatable deductions, and liable to be rewritten as early as this very weekend. There are far too many politicians and interest groups pulling and pushing and whining for their special deals -- whether it's the home builders and real estate people complaining that it would hurt homeowners or Senator Rubio moaning about the insufficient hike in the child...Read more
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