Turnbull is at his weakest and the conservatives are circling

Wednesday, 15 November 2017, 08:03:48 AM. At the pointy end of the political year, the Prime Minister is a weakened leader under siege from within and without.
Video: Liberal conservatives are mobilising (ABC News) At the pointy end of the political year, Malcolm Turnbull is a weakened leader under siege from within and without. The High Court has thrown his one-seat majority Government into disarray at a time when he was hoping for clear air to get on with policies that might help shore up his disastrous polling — things such as tax reform, infrastructure and housing. Four Corners spoke to conservative activists about their frustrations with Mr Turnbull's leadership, and former Liberal leaders John Hewson and Jeff Kennett also pass their judgement. Their conclusions are harsh. Turnbull's inconsistency The citizenship question has threatened the Government's future. Dr Hewson tells the program Mr Turnbull has failed to deliver outcomes, instead delivering an impression of an inability to manage issues as they've arisen. "You would have thought that when the issue broke, he [Mr Turnbull] should have [had] a complete check of all the members of Parliament to say, 'Have we got an issue?'" Dr Hewson said. He says there's been an inconstancy in Turnbull's approach that has destabilised his leadership. Once again, the public see politicians playing with the semantics. It's no surprise they don't like it. "On the one hand, you accept [Matt] Canavan standing down but you protect [Barnaby] Joyce and [Fiona] Nash … on a punt that you can second guess the High Court," Dr Hewson said. "There's an issue management there that's just been let...Read more
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