Why being a good communicator could save you from digital disruption

Wednesday, 15 November 2017, 08:06:28 AM. Despite the hype about STEM skills, research shows interpersonal, problem-solving and entrepreneurial skills will make you more employable in the 21st century.
Photo: People skills could be even more valuable than digital skills in the workplaces of the future. (AAP: Alan Porritt) Advances in digital technology are changing the world of work. It has been estimated more than 40 per cent of human workers will be replaced by robots. This probably overstates the scale of displacement, but developments in the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning will affect all sectors of the economy. However, the impacts of digital disruption will not be evenly distributed. Previous waves of technology had the greatest impacts for workers in routine jobs, but now a growing number of roles may be at risk. Even so, workers whose skills complement but are not substituted for by technology can use the new technology to be more productive and command higher wages. What types of skills will ensure you are employable in the world of human and robot workers? Two recent reports, The VET Era and Growing Opportunities in the Fraser Coast challenge the rhetoric around the importance of STEM skills in the digital economy, by revealing how demand for skills has changed over time. 1. Increasing demand for highly skilled workers These analyses show a major shift in the skills profile of the Australian workforce. The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) classifies occupations into skill levels based on the amount of training and experience required to perform the job. In 1986, the largest group of workers was in occupations classified as skill...Read more
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