Did Boston Red Sox manager John Farrell deserve to be fired?

Thursday, 12 October 2017, 04:19:50 PM. The Red Sox fired manager John Farrell after the team failed to beat the Astros in the ALDS.

The Boston Red Sox fired manager John Farrell after the team failed to beat the Houston Astros in the ALDS. Farrell spent two years getting bounced in the Division Series following two no-shows in the playoffs. Critics argue he's not up to the task of managing the Red Sox. Still, Farrell did win a World Series his first season in 2013, and it wasn't his fault the players fell apart. What do you think? 


Farrell is finally out much to the delight of many Red Sox fans. Though he won a World Series, it's not hard to see why. Farrell wore out his welcome with mismanagement of a highly paid roster, early playoff exits and an out of control clubhouse. He also oversaw the team when a sign-stealing scandal broke. Farrell had some success, but he is incapable of running this team.

Buckley: Time has come for Red Sox to fire John Farrell

There were a lot of problems with the Red Sox, but to pin them all on Farrell is unfair. It's not his fault Chris Sale decided to have his worst stretch of pitching in the playoffs. Farrell did the best with what he had. Here's more from ESPN's Scott Lauber:

Dave Dombrowski called Red Sox owner after he'd made decision and didn't consult with players

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