Eagles rookie DE Derek Barnett finally records a sack; could more come in bunches?

Tuesday, 17 October 2017, 08:23:15 PM. Barnett split a sack with Justin Hamilton in the fourth quarter of the Eagles' win over Carolina on Thursday
It took Derek Barnett 355 minutes into his NFL career to finally record a sack, and the joy of the Eagles’ first-round pick was apparent. The sack came at a crucial time late in Thursday’s 28-23 win over the Carolina Panthers. Barnett rushed deep into the pocket, pushed through the left tackle, and dived at a slipping Cam Newton’s feet to knock one of the NFL’s strongest quarterbacks to the turf. Defensive tackle Justin Hamilton jumped on Newton to finish the play – both were rewarded with a half-sack — and the Panthers were left with a deep third down. Barnett didn’t celebrate with a planned sack dance. He hugged Chris Long, the veteran end who told him while he was sackless to keep playing as he was and he would be rewarded. “They’re hard to come by,” Barnett said by his locker after the game. “You don’t get many chances. So it always feels good to get to the quarterback. That’s any level.” Poll How many games will the Eagles win this season? Nine or fewer 10 11 12 13 or more Vote Results At his previous level, though, the sacks were plentiful. Barnett’s production was prolific at Tennessee, with 33 sacks in three years. You might have heard that he broke Reggie White’s sack records. Former defensive coordinator Bill Davis used to say that sacks came in bunches, and that’s what Barnett is relying on. It took awhile to get one, but it might not take as long for the second. “I do believe in that,” Barnett said earlier this season. “A lot of...Read more
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