'It’s a very difficult situation:' Bulls try to focus as Nikola Mirotic-Bobby Portis drama continues

Wednesday, 15 November 2017, 06:19:38 AM. Until Nikola Mirotic speaks to Bobby Portis, the fallout of their Oct. 17 altercation will continue to threaten to overshadow games.
The sixth question on the same subject pushed over the edge. “Guys, I’m going to try to get our guys ready to play a game,” the coach said Tuesday. Until speaks to — or at least to reporters to describe the obvious reasons why he won’t — the fallout of their Oct. 17 altercation will continue to threaten to overshadow games. This is, after all, a rebuilding season. For the second straight day, Mirotic did his recovery and conditioning activities stemming from his concussion and two facial fractures from Portis’ punch while the Bulls practiced. And Mirotic again refused to talk to Portis, riding a stationary bicycle on a balcony overlooking his teammates as practice began. It’s an unusual situation, to be sure. “Niko has had interaction with the other players and we’ll continue to work on getting (Portis and Mirotic) together. Hopefully, that will happen soon,” Hoiberg said. “Niko is going to continue to come in here and get his work in, continue to ramp up his workload and hopefully be cleared for more on-court activity soon. But to this point, no, there’s been no communication with Bobby and Niko.” To the players’ credit, they’ve remained focused on their jobs. Despite the poor won-loss record, the team’s buy-in and commitment to working hard is palpable. It’s a professional group enveloped by an unprecedented situation. “It’s a very difficult situation. I didn’t pick up on any awkwardness,” veteran center said about both players being in the same gym but not speaking. “And...Read more
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