NFL's slide into irrelevance: Explaining the inexplicable

Saturday, 11 November 2017, 04:00:33 AM. There's apparently no single thing that's dragging down the NFL's popularity. Maybe it's just a confluence of a multitude of negative factors surrounding the league.
The court of public opinion will now come to order. Will the defendant please rise? Sorry, your honor, may I lean? Old injuries. Both knees and an Achilles. And my head hurts. Please give us your name. As well as any aliases. The . The NFL. The Shield. The Big Show. America’s Game. 100-yard War. Prime Time Programming. How do you plead to the indictment? What’s that? My hearing is not so good either. To the charges against you. How do you plead? Please, your honor. May I sit? You are accused of being unpopular, sir. How do you plead? Not guilty, your honor. If anything, we plead guilty to being too popular. More people attend our games and watch us on television than any other single entertainment, including the Game of Thrones, the Walking Dead and Rachel Maddow. You agree that your ratings have gone down. So has the polar ice cap and we still will be here after it is gone. You also are accused of being brutal, petty, callous, greedy, politically incorrect, unpatriotic and, I’m afraid, ubiquitous. Proudly guilty to all of those charges, your honor. Except the unpatriotic thing. After all, we have a team named the . We do not have a team called the Traitors, You also do have a team called the . Is that not insensitive? It has been taken that way but we mean it only in the most respectful and non-specific way. The aren’t really Giants and the aren’t really Lions, though, to be honest, the Raiders can be. And yet your players disrespect the flag and the anthem. Oh, no. Not...Read more
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