Switch it up to counter fishing downturn

Wednesday, 13 September 2017, 05:06:07 PM. My last two fishing outings, I’ve struggled.
My last two fishing outings, I’ve struggled. Clearly, my insignificant little drama is galactically far from a real problem, given back-to-back hurricanes — I’m sending positive energy to my friends, their families and fishing buddies as they ride out that hellacious meteorological monster — a mega-earthquake and serious issues confronting the country and world at large. Yet vexing, nonetheless. Had I insulted the fish gods, somehow? Did some unknown cast a voodoo curse upon me, jamming up my mojo? The exact reason for my subpar performances wasn’t exactly clear, especially after a good run of success. The explanation is most likely more concrete, like moon phase, barometric factors, fishing pressure, et al. Oh, and lest I forget, fish do have fins. But where’s the fun in those plausible explanation? Whatever the cause, this funkiness clung to me like leaky, damp waders…that aren’t mine. So I was determined to cast off this pesky hex. But let me pause here for a sec: I’ve seen this movie before, perhaps more times that I care to admit. Check that — while not happy about it, I’ll wear the skunks just as I do the joyous piscine highlights. It can’t always be puppies and popcorn, after all. Anyway, of the many confounding lulls three come to mind: casting to the mini-rockpiles inside Tolleys; sunken pilings and stumps off Hacketts; and, the rips at the eastern Stone Pile. That last one was where I witnessed a grown man melt down like a toddler, a truly startling tantrum in which...Read more
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