The Eagles have created a new NFL reality

Tuesday, 17 October 2017, 08:21:45 PM. The schedule that was once considered an opponent for the Eagles has turned into a teammate.
Eons ago, when we wandered in darkness and doubt, which is to say somewhere around the first week of September, almost everyone agreed that not only was an 8-8 record a reasonable expectation for the Eagles season, but also one that would indicate the Doug Pederson-Carson Wentz era was headed in the right direction. The parlor game of running a finger down the schedule and ticking off wins and losses came up with that result, or something very close to it, nearly every time. After all, Wentz was still developing, even though some rent-a-receiver transactions were promising; the running game was still a large question mark; and the defense was so leaky in the backfield that the team had to make a training-camp trade for an emergency fix. Then there was the small matter of the schedule itself, one of the most difficult in the league based on results from the previous season, which can be a faulty measure, but is the best one available before the next set of real games is played. It was hard enough just on face value, but, oh man, the last 10 games on the schedule had a chance to become a long slog toward January.  The stretch featured two games against Dallas (13-3), one each against the Giants (11-5) and the Redskins (8-7-1), a road game at Seattle (10-5-1), and home games against tough AFC opponents Denver (9-7) and Oakland (12-4). There were anticipated wins sprinkled in against San Francisco, Chicago and the L.A. Rams, but even that last one, played at the back end of a...Read more
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