Trade market figures to be busy as offseason gets underway at GM meetings

Wednesday, 15 November 2017, 06:22:08 AM. In a sport where imitation is he sincerest form of flattery, it will be interesting to see at the general managers' meetings which teams will reveal they want to copy the Astros’ blueprint for World Series success.
What’s expected to be a busy baseball offseason gets underway Monday when front office executives meet in Orlando to game plan for 2018. In a sport where imitation is he sincerest form of flattery, it will be interesting to see who copies the ’ blueprint for success. The last three champions — the , and Astros — all opted to go through a difficult rebuild to turn around their respective franchises— and watched it worked. The , , Phillies, , Padres and are already in various stages of their rebuilds, and sthe , and others soon could join them. That suggests more players than ever will be available via trade, which could lead to smaller markets for all but the top free agents. Of course, stars like , , , , , and will be in demand. But with a relatively weak free-agent class and so many rebuilds looking to shed salaries and add prospects, look for more wheeling and dealing, Bill Veeck-style. Marlins CEO and part-owner will have to answer the biggest question. Will he decide to deal star slugger ? Early indications are Jeter is ready, willing and able to start the Stanton sweepstakes. Stanton, who can veto any deal with his no-trade clause, will earn $25 million next year as part of his 13-year, $325 million deal that runs through 2027. The Marlins are trying to slice payroll around $50 million, to $90 million, and Stanton obviously is the biggest piece of the pie. “I don’t think I will ever use the word ‘rebuild’ because our goal is to win every year,” Marlins President told...Read more
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