What Ed Orgeron said about LSU loss to Alabama, what surprised him

Sunday, 05 November 2017, 09:30:25 PM. Ed Orgeron after 24-10 Alabama win in Tuscaloosa.

Toward the end of Ed Orgeron's postgame news conference Saturday night came his declaration. His LSU team just lost 24-10 to Alabama but there was life in this rivalry.

A few times he noted the Tigers' yardage edge over Alabama and he liked the way they competed. Asked about the future of the program, Orgeron looked right into the TV camera with a stone-faced stare.

"We're coming ... We're coming," he said. "And we're not backing down."

Orgeron also touched on a few things that surprised him Saturday night.

"I didn't think (Alabama's) receivers would challenge us like they did and I think that was the difference in the ballgame," he said. " We could not cover their receivers man-to-man like we usually do."

And on offense?

"The last two time I was here, we didn't move the ball on them at all," Orgeron said. "Tonight, we drove the ball. In fact, we had more yards than they did."

A few more highlights of Orgeron's postgame chat.

-- "Nobody likes losing, but you know what, these guys believed the whole week. I'm proud of this football team. We have some good young men in there and I'm hurting for them. I wish I could have made better decisions to help them win the game."

-- "We moved the ball some times. We had 306 total yards. They had 299. But we didn't make the plays when we're supposed to make the plays."

-- "We had some good plays and we had a good plan. But we just couldn't keep anything going. There were some times when we had to convert some third downs." He was happy with the early success rate but said "after that, their rush got to us."

-- "To hold them to 116 rushing yards was a good job."

-- "We just struggled in coverage, which I was surprised. We did a good job on coverage but we did not do a good job tonight."

-- LSU had a spy on Jalen Hurts the whole time and allowed the defensive line "to pin their ears back and it worked."

-- Orgeron said they tried to block JK Scott's punts several times but Alabama protected well. "We saw some things in their protection that we thought we could get it but give them credit."

-- Do you believe in moral victories? "No. We came here to beat Alabama. I know my guys' mindset in there. And we're coming."

-- "We've been working on these guys for two weeks and I think we had the right plays called. We just didn't make the plays when we were supposed to."

-- Orgeron said the offensive line battled but Alabama broke through at the end.

-- On the INT: They were throwing an out-route to Derrius Guice. "That was critical."

-- Arden Key "came to play tonight."

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