Where does Marcus Baugh's hurdle vs. Maryland stand among Ohio State's best? Buckeyes football analysis

Tuesday, 10 October 2017, 09:43:28 PM. Marcus Baugh made an impressive hurdle over a Maryland defender on his way to a second-quarter touchdown vs. Maryland.

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Marcus Baugh has made it a habit of hurdling defenders in recent years.

He did it twice a year ago, including at Maryland.

Saturday in Ohio State's 62-14 win, he did it to the Terps again.

Hurdling helped get him into the end zone this time.

In the second quarter with his team leading, 20-7, Baugh caught a short pass in the flat from J.T. Barrett. As Baugh turned up field, he saw Maryland defensive back Antoine Brooks, Jr., closing in.

"I saw him looking (at my legs)," Baugh said. "It just timed up perfectly."

As Brooks came in low, Baugh leapt off his left foot to clear the Maryland defender. He then managed to keep his feet in bounds to score the 10-yard touchdown.

"I did it in high school a couple of times. I've just got to protect myself," Baugh said.

Last season at Maryland, Baugh hurdled right over Maryland cornerback J.C. Jackson and stuck the landing before being forced out of bounds.

But was Baugh's hurdle the best in Ohio State history?

There are plenty of significant challengers to that title.

First, there was Beanie Wells in 2008 vs. Illinois, the hurdle that helped start the trend of players hurdling defenders.

Beanie hurdling

Next is Cardale Jones. Months before he filled in for J.T. Barrett in the final three games of the 2014 season, Jones hurdled a defender late in a win at Maryland.

Cardale Jones Hurdle vs Maryland 2014

Finally, Ezekiel Elliott had plenty of hurdles in his time at Ohio State. We're going to pick two of them. First is this hurdle from 2015 vs. Northern Illinois.

Ezekiel Elliott Hurdles NIU Defender

And then there is this one vs. Western Michigan in the same season.

Ezekiel Elliott hurdles a couple Western Michigan players

So which Ohio State hurdle was best?

Let us know in the poll and the comments below.

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