Arvada Crime Blotter: Man starts fight because he wants to pet a dog

Saturday, 21 October 2017, 06:21:40 AM. Also this week: A woman suspected of driving under the influence is very confused.

Too cute to resist. Two men were reported fighting in front of a business in the 7300 block of West 58th Avenue, Arvada, Oct. 5. The man who was identified by witnesses as the aggressor said, “I was just trying to pet that man’s dog,” a police report stated. Officers noted that the man appeared intoxicated. He was transported to detox.

Honesty is key. On Sept. 21, an Arvada police officer pulled over a vehicle traveling on West 64th Avenue near Ward Road after the driver made an illegal lane change, a police report stated. While speaking to the driver, the officer noticed a 12-ounce Pabst Blue Ribbon can. The officer asked the driver if she’d been drinking. According to a police report, she said she drank three beers at a bar and the can of beer. After a roadside maneuver test, the officer determined there was no probable cause to arrest the woman on suspicion of a DUI. She was cited with a summons for an open container.

Confused. Arvada police responded Sept. 28 to a report of a car sitting in the intersection of West 56th Avenue and Lamar Street. The vehicle was missing two tires, and the driver was unconscious in the driver’s seat, a police report stated. Officers noted a mason jar labeled “moonshine” in the car. When officers roused the driver, they noted that she appeared extremely intoxicated and spoke nonsensically. Later, while in a holding cell, she reportedly took off her pants and underwear, blew her nose in her underwear, and put her pants back on. She was taken to Lutheran Medical Center.

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