Broken CD players? New stick shifts? Motormouth serves up a side of snark

Wednesday, 15 November 2017, 05:41:09 AM. Broken CD players and new cars with manual transmissions give Motormouth a case of the snarky fuzzies.
Q: My CD player is broken. It seems a few CDs might be stuck in the changer. I cannot insert or extract any CDs, but the CD player will replay a few songs from two or three of the CDs that are stuck inside. quoted over $1,000 for a replacement. A local repair shop quoted $500 for a used stereo plus labor. Now I'm wondering if a repair shop could pull the stereo and see if the CDs can be manually extracted, and if that would fix it. What do you think? — G.T., Chicago A: Most new cars don’t even have CD players, so consider this a feature, not a bug. Snarky? Yeah. We admit to burning most of our CDs to flash drives or SD cards. A bit of a hassle, but they do take up less space in the console. A couple of tricks include pressing the eject button while smacking the dash with the heel of your hand, or slipping a credit card over the top of the CD and another card beneath, then squeezing and pulling out the CD. Tip: Do not use copied CDs as they are often thicker than originals and labels exacerbate the potential for jamming. The cost of having a shop do the labor of removing your unit just to take a look is probably not worthwhile. Q: I recently purchased a new car that has a manual transmission. Crazy, right? When I park, after engaging the parking brake, should I also put the car in gear? If so, what gear? — P.L., Chicago A: Not crazy at all. We, too, prefer to row our own. Yes, you should always put the transmission in gear when you park. Use reverse as it is the least likely...Read more
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