DIGITAL HEALTH BRIEFING: Johnson & Johnson introduces healthcare platform — NIH will give out 10,000 Fitbit devices — Hasbro, Brown develop robotic companions

Thursday, 09 November 2017, 04:08:50 PM. Johnson & Johnson's new Health Platform could raise treatment adherence for patients, lowering associated costs in the process
Welcome to Digital Health Briefing, a new morning email providing the latest news, data, and insight on how digital technology is disrupting the healthcare ecosystem, produced by BI Intelligence. Sign up and receive Digital Health Briefing free to your inbox. Have feedback? We'd like to hear from you. Write me at: . JOHNSON & JOHNSON INTRODUCES HEALTH PLATFORM: Johnson & Johnson (J&J) introduced its new Health Partner platform, which will give patients preparing for or recovering from knee, hip, and weight loss surgery, easier access to digital health solutions. The patient-facing platform will be distributed to providers through Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies' CareAdvantage program. The Health Partners platform will provide personalized patient care via three connected digital tools:  A website that provides patients with pre-treatment educational materials and resources. A mobile app that helps to guide patients through surgical preparation and recovery. A care portal for providers to enable real-time interaction throughout a patient’s treatment experience. A primary aim of the new platform will be increasing treatment adherence, which is a major strain on the healthcare system. For example, in the US, between 20% and 30% of medication prescriptions are never filled, according to a review in the Annals of Internal Medicine. This is estimated to cause 125,000 deaths per year and cost the healthcare system between $100 billion...Read more
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