The 2017 RCF: It's small but big, luxurious but unLexuslike

Sunday, 12 November 2017, 10:17:36 AM. The RCF is as fun as it looks, and as solid as a Toyota. It's a plaything, with a stereo that suggests you better enjoy the sound of exhaust, and the options can really get the price out of control.
2017 Lexus RCF: Heavyweight champion? Price: $80,519 as tested. ($64,165 for the base model. $5,500 for performance vectoring, carbon fiber, and rear wing; $500 for pre-collision system; $1,500 for 18-inch wheels, and more listed later.) Conventional wisdom: Car and Driver likes the “Swaddling seats, makes all the right noises, easy to go fast” but not the “curb appeal, lacks an edge in a razor-sharp segment.” Marketer’s pitch: “All power. No mercy.” Reality: No mercy for other drivers? Or the owner? UnLexuslike: When I climb into a Lexus, I am prepared to sit down with an “Ooh!” and an “Ahh!” The leather, the supple underpinnings of the seat, and smooth cabin materials make the experience a pleasant one. The RCF is going a different route. It takes the F-Sport designation to its logical extreme, with sporty racing-coupe styling. Its seating position puts driver and passengers waaaaay down on the floor, and the racing dynamics mean it’s just not the Lexus feel I’d been hoping for. Up to speed: But that’s just a trade-off. To get the most out of the 5.0-liter V-8’s 487 horses, the RCF aims for aerodynamics over passenger comfort. And it works well. The 0-to-60 time is 4.3 seconds, according to Car and Driver. Shifty: The RCF comes with a shiftable 8-speed automatic, and it has both a shifter and steering wheel paddles. Both are comfortable and offer great driver feedback. In addition, the RCF has eco-normal-sport setting adjustments to get even more out of the...Read more
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