The first result for 'Windows Movie Maker' on Google is a scam

Saturday, 11 November 2017, 08:20:31 PM. The fake software asks you to pay for an 'upgrade' to unlock the video editor's full features.
Screenshot of, the site spreading the fake software. Windows Movie Maker died in January, but an impostor has risen. Enlarge Image The first two results for "Movie Maker" on Google are for fake software pretending to be Microsoft's program. The next result is an third-party app on Microsoft's website, which people have complained is filled with ads. If you're looking to download the amateur video editor that Microsoft had provided for years, you won't find it from the company.  But one of the top search results on Google for "Windows Movie Maker" leads to a scam version of the video editor that aims to steal your money. The first result on Google searches is valuable real estate, a global platform where a website has the potential to get millions of clicks thanks to how the search algorithm ranks it. Google has been criticized for promoting fake news and hoaxes via its search results, a plague the website has promised to fix. "We are always working to improve our results and after reviewing this case, have taken actions to help protect our customers," said a Microsoft spokesperson. "As always, we recommend customers use caution when downloading apps or programs from sites that aren't known or reputable." Google didn't respond to a request for comment. A similar request sent to a support email listed on received no response. The fake software comes from the website It ranks just above a link from...Read more
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