There are hundreds of free iPhone scams on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube

Friday, 13 October 2017, 06:29:05 PM. Too good to be true
There’s no such thing as a free iPhone — but there’s always someone willing to convince you otherwise. With the iPhone 8 already in stores and the iPhone X arriving in three weeks, scammers have sprung into action, using the promise of a free phone to trick people into giving up their information or worse, often using some of the web’s biggest platforms as a launching pad for the scam. A quick Facebook search turns up dozens of Facebook groups devoted to free iPhone scams, typically offering to send along the phone after a particular task had been completed. One offered to send a phone in a drawing among users who subscribed to an Indian viral content site and invited 50 friends; another referred users to Xpango, a referral site that has been described as a pyramid scheme. There are many, many more. A report published today by ZeroFox found 532 such pages across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google+. The simplest attacks were asking for likes or follows that could be sold or used to push more aggressive schemes, a practice the researchers call “fame farming.” Seventy-four of the pages offered outright malware links, but most were more subtle. The majority of the pages ZeroFox found asked users to fill out forms in exchange for their free iPhone, harvesting information that could later be used for social engineering or identity theft. According to ZeroFox researcher Phil Tully, the scams weren’t hard to find. “Any time someone is offering an iPhone for free, it’s going to...Read more
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